Jensen Interceptor Mk 1

1969 • 47,000 Miles • SOLD

Cast your mind back to the late 60s the news a grim mixture of industrial strife and discord in the Middle East. No wonder we longed for an escape; and the cinema provided it. It was a world where supercars were celebrated, and a Technicolor drive to the French Riviera in a massively powerful GT was the done thing

So the stunning Interceptor stared in many films with its beautiful Touring of Milan styling and unique back window design.

The Interceptor was launched in 1966 as an up-to-date replacement for the fast-but-raw C-V8. Its all-steel body was as rigid as a monocoque, and was a radical step for Jensen.

Sadly, the Interceptor – and Jensen in its initial incarnation after producing only 6,000 units – petered out in 1976. However, just like Mike Tyson, it wasn’t averse to the odd comeback: first during the 1980s and ’90s, and again in 2007. That’s a reflection of the popularity of the Interceptor, and proof that we’re all suckers for a healthy dose of escapism.

This beauty has only had four owners and looks resplendent finished in Burgundy with magnolia hide.

She underwent a high class total restoration costing many thousands of pounds in 1992 by Jencraft resulting in a well finished Jensen with some personalisation including wire wheels and full length sunroof the end result being much better than the original West Bromwich Built car!

The condition today is a testament to the high quality of workmanship by Jencraft and she is still in stunning condition having been stored in a collection for many years.

To drive, she is more GT than sports car, but great fun in the country and effortless in the city. You’ll be amazed at how little it rolls in bends and how simple it is to accurately position – and, with a good-sized boot and rear seats, it’s a car you can enjoy every day. Fuel consumption aside.

This actual Interceptor was driven by Cliff Richard in 1994 in a programme called stars in their cars.(you tube attachment)

For the money, there’s little to touch an Interceptor and they have been undervalued for years but the best examples are really the only ones to consider.f

Supplied fully inspected ,serviced and with a12 month comprehensive warranty.