Triumph GT6 Mk 2

1969 • £22,950

Triumph needed to create a car that competed with the highly successful MG B GT and so instructed Michelotti to design something beautiful utilising the hardware from the successful Spitfire.
Most car enthusiasts would agree that he pencilled a curvy, pretty car that in many ways was superior to the MG.

The first version was moderately successful and by the time the MK2 was in production in 1969 it was a well sorted and engineered machine with much improved rear suspension design.
This example was restored to an amazingly high standard within the past few years by a Triumph specialist at a cost of £24000 and presents beautifully today.

There is a good history file inc pre restoration and a full pictorial library of all work carried out.

An upgrade to the Triumph 2.5litre engine was carried out also which is a development of the original 2 litre unit originally fitted but has a longer stroke and transforms the level of performance offered.

There are only 28 MK2s surviving in the Uk and it is undoubtably far prettier than the high volume MK3.

Performance is very brisk with a very short throw gear change with smooth overdrive on third and fourth and a silky smooth 6 cylinder engine adding to the experience,this is a very well set up GT6 !

I have driven the car for over 100 miles and enjoyed every mile with its go kart style handling and strong engine pulling the car along with perfect reliability.

One of the prettiest value for money 1960s Coupes with Italian styling and far rarer than an MG.

Supplied fully inspected,serviced with a 12 month warranty.