1989 Ford Escort XR3i – 51,000 miles – Sold

Ford were a little slow in reacting to the new trend of Hot Hatches successfully lead by VW with the exceptional GTi.

Indeed it was three years from the launch of the Gti inn1977 before they introduced their competitor the original non injected Xr3.

It was not considered a worthy challenger At launch as its engine was quite lethargic and lacklustre also with an unfashionable four speed gearbox .

Fords reaction three years later  was to introduce the injected 5 speed gearbox version you see. This was much closer to the publics expectation and soon become the car of choice for the young aspiring driver.

A great drivers car even today with enough performance to match modern traffic conditions and total reliability to match. The MK4 even has power steering!

This MK4 example has been well maintained and cared for by only four owners and is probably one of the best available.

The interior and seats in particular are in superb condition and there is also a history file.