2002 • 40,000 miles • Sold

I remember the Chimaera coming onto the market in 1992 and it certainly made a spectacular entrance with its great looks and muscle car appeal.

They were very popular purchases with many traditional Porsche and prestige car buyers giving the TVR a go for a change.

I don’t think that they were disappointed despite the risk of low reliability and quality always associated with any low volume specialist British Sports cars.

This Mk 3 example is a 450 so with 4.5 litres and only 1000 kgs it is a very quick fearsome machine and is the last series of Chimaera with production ending in 2003 after producing only 57 Mk 3 models.

Finished in Ice blue with magnolia leather she is in superb condition with an amazing history file spanning throughout the years with services only at TVR dealers and maintained to the highest standards by only 2 owners

With a very clever soft/ targa top arrangement it takes seconds to transform her into an open topped Cobra like machine and with the glorious sound of the V8 bellowing behind you this is a super fun machine to own with great opportunity for investment.

Supplied fully inspected,serviced with a comprehensive 12 month warranty.