Porsche Sales

Coming into the great weather always brings a flurry of activity and this year is no exception with Porsche sales as buoyant as ever.

With a range of stock from 1968 to 2011 BSC always carry as many as we can source.

From the rarest Carrera 3 Sport to a 2010 GT3 we have a great selection of the best available.

With price parity and strong Dollar USA sourced pre 1973 models are proving more difficult to obtain but no doubt the Exchange rate will.

Return in our favour soon!


Website videos

We will shortly be producing short videos of our stock and also helpful advice in conjunction with CCPS ref service and maintenance.

There will be links to facebook/twitter and general social media involvement.

Watch the website for more details.


New Stock

A surprisingly buoyant August despite holidays, weather etc has meant BSC  becoming low on stock.

We have therefore put major effort into restocking whilst special cars are available on the market.

Amongst cars available soon are several Porsches, Mg A, Big Healey, two Capris, E type and a few more.

Please keep an eye out on our ever changing website for these beauties.


TR3/4/5/6 IN STOCK !!

Coming into the referendum period there is always trepidation and concern over what impact these decisions have on our lives.

Happy to report though that classic and sports car buyers are still eager to enjoy life and have the benefit of an investment that does not depreciate like all new car purchases!

We currently have  a good mix of classics including a range of Triumph TRs excluding of course the dreaded 7 and some lovely summer tourers all backed up by our warranty and after sales service that is second to none


The Porsche Strategy

BSC have embarked on a business strategy to purchase pre 1973 Porsches.

We have already secured 5 top class cars from USA, Europe and the island of Jersey. These cars are beginning to be difficult to locate and purchase in a condition acceptable to us and our long standing customer base. We are striving to supply rust free examples offering the best value for money considering their condition.

Having looked at what is currently available for sale in the UK it is clear that hot climate countries are a good source for locating these cars as they do not suffer the harsh winters and salted roads of the UK.

USA spec cars for example have an easier life with great climate advantage, low driving speeds and enthusiastic owners who service them well.

The spec of pre 1973 Porsches is virtually identical to UK specs of that era and only require headlamp and sometimes seatbelts in order to be UK compliant.

Watch the website for more choice as we plan to stock up to 12 of these highly desirable cars with service and support from CCPS.


The Staves Use Classic BMW From BSC In New Video

The Staves are an English acoustic folk rock trio of sisters from Hertfordshire. They are an up and coming band and are supporting Florence and the Machine and Paolo Nutini later this year.

Check out thier new video below featuring a stunning 1973 BMW supplied by Bicester Sports & Classics.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 15.19.24


What a stunning hot day we had absolutely perfect for a days classic car pleasure driving through the Cotswolds

We used an Eclectic selection of classics from a stunning Ferrari 308 to a rare manual gearbox BMW 635 !

Our corporate customers really enjoyed the day enthusing about the cars and their ability to entertain and engage the driver rather than the car drive the driver as  most modern machines do.

Hope you enjoy the footage


Regards BSC



Italian beauties

We currently have in stock an Eclectic mix of Italian beauties !

From the  cutest iconic car in the world the  1972 Fiat 500 to the high tech 2011 Ferrari California.

Full list;

Fiat 500

Fiat 600

Ferrari 360 x2

Ferrari California

Maserati Gran Turismo

We will be adding to this list shortly and hopefully this will include one of our favourites the Alfa Spider


Winter Preparation

Although sales are still buoyant in October no doubt assisted by the India Summer we have prepared for the normal easing of sales in the last quarter of the year by reducing our prices.

Please also remember that if you are concerned about winter use of your recently purchased classic we can help with the choice of two storage facilities during this period.

With the continuing rise of the market prices we expect sales to carry on at a good pace this winter as customers seek out a solid investment rather than trust the slow pace at the banks.


Cotswold Battle of Britain Day

A special day commemorating one of the most poignant moments in our Islands history the Battle of Britain at the Cotswold airport included flights in Tiger Moths and even a flyby by Spitfires and Hurricanes ! ending with 2000 people viewing the film by the same name in a special open air cinema.

BSC were asked to complement the classic car display with several classics from stock and many other classic car enthusiasts made the effort to join the display.

This day September 17th is most remembered from 76 years ago as the Germans officially gave in attempting to invade Britain due to the amazing efforts of our RAF bravely fighting off the Luftwaffe.

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