1977 Triumph TR6 – 2,000 miles – SOLD

Once in a while we come across a unique special one off car.

This Tr6 is one of them with only 2000 warranted miles from new !

It was built in 1975 but sales of the Tr6 were very slow due to the excitement surrounding the launch of the Tr7 which was supposed to be another saviour product for the failing British Leyland.

The first owner of this car walked into Henlys to purchase a Tr7 in 1977 and was so disappointed with what he saw requested that they try to locate him aTr6 instead.

They dutifully did this and found this one in BL stock and supplied it to him and the rest of the story is featured in many Classic car magazines as this is the lowest mileage known on a Tr6 in existence.

Suffice to say the verification of the mileage is backed up with old mots and authentification letters  from owners etc.leaving no question that this car has been used mainly as an investment opportunity and object d’art all of its life.

I have only driven her for a short time but was amazed at the tightness of every component such as the gear change( with overdrive) and especially the chassis rigidity over bumps compared to other Trs.

This is a time warp car and a must for the serious car collector who desires the best available.