1980 BMW Baur – Sold

This car reminds me of my early days in the 1980s selling new BMW’s from one of the countries leading dealers in Oxford we were selling 316  saloons with no power steering, electric windows or even standard radios for £10k.

This one is much better specced and as BMW did not offer a convertible until later in the 80’s Baur had a great market in producing these cars.

It has the smoothest 2 litre 6 cylinder engine BMW made and options include power steering and alloy wheels and stainless wheel arches etc all befitting the 80’s.

This is a genuine Baur made in Stuttgart and has all the correct build plates and identification.

It is so easy to drive, smooth as silk and all the controls are very light and manageable.

The hood folds down and the targa section stores in the boot providing you with a full convertible on sunny days but also a fully enclosed coupe when tops are back on.

The E 21 is beginning to be a rare find in good condition with many basic examples now unloved and virtually ready for the scrapyard. Such a shame because it was the turning point for BMW and formed the foundation of the future models.

This one offers tremendous value for money and can only increase in value over the next few years whilst providing a sound driving machine to enjoy.

It is not concours but in great condition and fully useable everyday if so desired. There are complete original manuals, brochures and stamped BMW service book included.

On the road it is smooth, light and feels nimble so much more alive than a modern BMW due to its low weight and responsive controls. The 2 litre straight six engine really was turbine like as the adverts said in its day!