2009 Bentley Azure T – 17000 miles – Sold

With Rolls Royce owned by BMW and Bentley by the VW group there was bound to be some post separation animosity once the dust settled on the fabled Vickers GB purchase deal in 1998.

The Germans always fight out their differences by producing competing models and then enter into a BHP war !

This Bentley is a result of this power crazy fight with 500 BHP on board and Rolls having brought out the Phantom Convertible at nearly £100k more than the Azure.

It cost £250k in 2009 so is good value now with only 17000 miles use and suffice to say it has been maintained to a very high standard including Bentley servicing etc.

On the road it is amazing with brisk acceleration and effortless progress, every trip is an occasion and with the hood down it looks spectacular with a classy presence.

The interior must be one of the highest standards ever produced with all the modern amenities as well as a classic Bentley look and smell.