1965 Austin Gipsy – Sold

When was the last time you saw a Gipsy on the road ?

It’s much rarer than Land Rover and some say a better product.

This 2600 mile example has never been restored or repainted and is a stunning original rare example.

Why is it so low mileage ?

Along with around 250 other Gipsies it was purchased by the Home Office for use as an emergency vehicle in case of a nuclear attack. So it spent 32 years in an underground climate controlled Nuclear bunker on constant standby and therefore fully maintained and ready for any nuclear emergency. Once they were all released to the public this one was purchased at around 1000mls for use on a ranch as an emergency vehicle in the USA and returned to the UK in 2012 at 2200mls still in original condition.

This is a great alternative to the ubiquitous Series 1 Landie but much rarer and has a smoother drive/ride.

The engine is 2.2 litre petrol and will run on the lowest octane fuel but pulls well and the whole package provides you with the quality of trust and toughness.

You know that it will always reach your destination in a safe fun manner. You can pile in the kids and dogs, roll up the side canvas and have some fun bringing smiles to all that travel in and see her.

This is a practical safe investment with only a few original survivors.

There are several specialist parts suppliers and at only 2600 miles this one has lots a life left .

Just been fully serviced and brakes overhauled.