Jensen Interceptor SP

1973 • Best available • £89,950

The Jensen SP “Six Pack” has the distinction of being the most powerful car ever to have been made by Jensen Motors. Indeed, at the time of its release in August 1971, the SP was one of the most powerful road cars anywhere in the world.
The appearance of the SP coincided with the demise of the FF model .When Kjell Qvale took over at Jensen in 1970, he decided against pouring any more money into the four-wheel drive project, preferring to divert his resources towards the main goal of producing a sports car for the American market. He decided that the FF would go but he agreed that work on what would become the new flagship for Jensen Motors should continue.

On its release, the SP gained the exclusive distinguishing features of the blue bonnet badge and blue wheel medallions used on the FF (the Interceptor III had red ones as before). The new model also gained a blue SP badge for the radiator grille. A louvered bonnet to aid heat dissipation was fitted, with similar bonnets becoming a no-cost option on later examples of the RHD Interceptor III. The true SP bonnet, not to be confused with the louvered bonnet of the regular Interceptors, has four long rows of louvres which stretch almost the length of the bonnet panel (those for Interceptor IIIs have much shorter rows). Most SPs were further distinguished from their humbler brethren by having vinyl roofs, usually black.

Driving the SP is quite a different experience from piloting the normal Interceptor and Jensen Works would caution prospective buyers to try both before committing to an SP purchase. Although it was a fine and potent design, the SP needs skilled handling and perhaps some compromise to get the best from it. The unique style of power delivering from the high lift camshafts and six carbs still makes the SP a favourite with performance drivers.

During the SP’s model life (September 1971 to July 1973), 231 examples were built. One more was completed in October 1973 to special order, making a total of 232.

It is believed only around 20 examples survive today and most are neglected unrestored cars requiring many thousands of pounds of restorative work.

This stunning SP was fully restored between 1997 and 2000 and carefully maintained since.
Must be the best available anywhere and has a full history file documenting the work which including full body and chassis restoration to the highest standards and engine rebuild at renowned V8 engine builders.

Finished in ultra rare California Sage with Marine Blue leather trim she has the original engine and carbs fitted and an amazing history file including build and quality control sheets, early service bills and lots of correspondence.
The restoration work was carried out to very high standards and most parts from Martin Robey and Cropredy Bridge and all invoices are available.
Recent expenditure includes;
Gearbox overhaul
Air con update
New adjustable shock absorbers
New tyres
New starter
Carb rebuild

Still a breath-taking car to drive today with thrilling power providing an exciting drive whilst still very smooth thanks to the auto gearbox and becoming very difficult to find.
Supplied fully serviced with 12 months warranty.