A classic car is an older Automobile, the exact definition varies around the world. The common theme however is an older car with enough historical interest to be collectable and worth preserving or restoring. Most classic sports cars in good condition tend to appreciate in value. To be considered as a classic car, the vehicle in question must be over 20 years of age.

The BSC Classic car warranty is one of the most comprehensive available. We know what is important for peace of mind and we strive to ensure our customers achieve just that. We try to understand the needs of our customers to ensure we supply a car that will be a joy to own and use.

Every car sold by us is covered under a parts and labour warranty for a period of 12 months/12,000 miles (whichever comes sooner) from the date of delivery after having undergone an independent full multi point check.  Any recommended service or rectification work is carried out prior to delivery and vehicles are supplied with a new M.O.T test certificate. A copy of the checklist is supplied with the vehicle.

We do not exclude any parts from this warranty but it it is a condition that the car is reasonably well maintained by the customer who must pay attention to keeping fluids and lubricants checked and to the correct levels. Up to one year from the original date of purchase, we will have the car Re M.O.T. tested and carry out any advisory work free of charge. We offer a collection and delivery service together with the supply of a loan car when available.

There is no small print to read, just the following exclusions apply:

The warranty may be invalidated if the vehicle is used for any form of timed racing and covers private use only, hiring of the vehicle for reward is excluded as are claims arising out of negligence or neglect.

Classic cars are machines to cherish and enjoy, every journey should be a celebration. It is important to understand that by nature of their age, classic cars will always have certain characteristics which relate to their age, design and engineering. One should expect a completely different experience when compared to driving modern cars. Some common examples of this could be less efficient heaters, inferior ride quality, inferior brakes and steering, transmission noise. It is common for an old car to have some minor fluid leaks and perhaps some wind noise and there may be occasions when they will not start or they will misfire. We will always endeavour to make our cars as user friendly as possible or update the specification if and when required.

The above being said, its all part of the experience and nostalgia!