1979 FORD CAPRI 1.6 S – 86,000 MILES – SOLD

We all wanted a Capri and it was immortalised in the 1970s on TV always driven with verve and enthusiasm.

They have achieved cult status and when I drive one the positive thumbs up attitude from other road users is greater than any other classic car.

They were supplied from 1.3 litres up to the 3-litre hot rod and this 1.6 S has the great Pinto engine and provides plenty of power providing a super fun drive and ability to cruise along with modern machinery.

She has only had 3 owners and very rare finished in Highland green from new with the famous fishnet headrest seats and being an S model, she has a Rev counter, metal sunroof, alloy wheels, sport seats and steering wheel.

Great value compared to a 3 litre and still great fun to drive must be one of the best available.

Supplied fully inspected, serviced with 12 months warranty.