1989 Ferrari Testarossa – 20,000km – SOLD

The 12 cylinder Ferraris are legendary and sometimes underestimated or forgotten about but one thing is for sure when you fire one up the engine is simply the best sounding of any car especially the modern variants with manufactured engine noise!
Pininfarina were again tasked with designing a striking car to blow away opposition from Lamborghini and I remember the cars launch in 1984 and being impressed like most people with its size and beautiful design not requiring to wear “stick on “ spoilers and appendages it was developed to be a near 200 mph car in the days when 150 mph was very impressive.
The flat 12 engine is stunning with nearly 400 bhp and an impressive 1400kg(due to use of aluminium etc) the performance was amazing with road testers promoting it to the best of the supercars in the 1980S.
This 1989 example was built for Japan and spent an easy life there until last year when she was imported and immediately treated to a major cambelt service and Ferrari inspection costing several thousand pounds at a main Ferrari dealer.
You can view the Testarossa as a large powerful handful but in reality on the road they are wonderful,nimble machines that have clearly been developed well for everyday use whilst the soundtrack is something way beyond the V8 siblings!

Supplied fully inspected,serviced, cambelts changed with a 12 month warranty.