1990 TRABANT 1.1 UNIVERSAL – £4,950

An unusual car for us to offer but there are several reasons why!
In February 1990 I happened to be in Berlin and couldn’t believe the sight of thousands of East Berliners lining the streets /shops/bars as the wall had just come down and more bizarrely these tiny ,smokey little cars queuing in traffic next to Westerners large  Mercs and BMWs.was an incredible sight.
Another reason is that it is a historical car that is important as it serviced over 4.5 million drivers over a 30 year production and most of them waited over 10 to 15 years to obtain one and then generally self maintained and cherished them.
Last reason we have never had one in stock before and it’s always nice to experience unusual products.
This lovely example was the final year of production and although looking identical to the older 2 strokes was produced for only one year with a 1.1litre VW engine and gearbox providing reliability ,good emissions and a car capable of being used on a daily basis even in the UK.
She lived in Hungary and was imported here last year by a collector who recommissioned it with new steering rack, clutch, brakescambelt, hoses, tyres, UK lamps and speedo.
All the work is in the history file along with handbook and service book.
On the road it is very surprising and the VW Polo mechanicals enables you to drive at decent speeds and easily keep up with modern traffic.
Other road users are amused by the sight of this iconic Eastern bloc car.
Supplied fully inspected, serviced with 12 months warranty.