2017 BAC MONO – 1,500 MILES – SOLD

The Mono is the ultimate singularity of purpose road legal drivers car. Optimised as an A to A Supercar the Mono was intended to be the world’s most rewarding to drive road car. The driver is at one and totally connected to the car with the weight distribution optimised for driver feel and enjoyment. This is chassis 61 and built to the current specification and covered only 1500 miles with one collector owner.

The Mono needs to be viewed to be truly appreciated – the attention to detail is second to none and there are countless hours of enjoyment simply looking at the car before jumping in the centre seat and being totally at one with the machine.

Powered by a 305 BHP Mountune engine and weighing only 580kg this delivers mind-boggling power-weight. This is yet complimented by refined suspension giving compliancy and feel on the road and performance on the track as you accelerate through the 6-speed sequential paddle engaged gearbox.

The Mono is exquisite and comprises the ultimate in material and technology details. Carbon ceramic brakes and stunning carbon-hybrid wheels being very important options fitted

All options available were ordered and the total price on the road was £208,000 please contact us for full options list.

With only 100 examples built the Mono will be revered in motoring history as one of the rarest and responsive cars built and on track, it is unbeatable and in its element.

Supplied fully set up and optimised for the specific driver.