The Porsche Strategy

BSC have embarked on a business strategy to purchase pre 1973 Porsches.

We have already secured 5 top class cars from USA, Europe and the island of Jersey. These cars are beginning to be difficult to locate and purchase in a condition acceptable to us and our long standing customer base. We are striving to supply rust free examples offering the best value for money considering their condition.

Having looked at what is currently available for sale in the UK it is clear that hot climate countries are a good source for locating these cars as they do not suffer the harsh winters and salted roads of the UK.

USA spec cars for example have an easier life with great climate advantage, low driving speeds and enthusiastic owners who service them well.

The spec of pre 1973 Porsches is virtually identical to UK specs of that era and only require headlamp and sometimes seatbelts in order to be UK compliant.

Watch the website for more choice as we plan to stock up to 12 of these highly desirable cars with service and support from CCPS.

Website videos

We will shortly be producing short videos of our stock and also helpful advice in conjunction with CCPS ref service and maintenance.

There will be links to facebook/twitter and general social media involvement.

Watch the website for more details.