Porsche 912’s Are Go!

As highlighted in previous newsletters BSC have embarked on a strategy to purchase pre 1973 Porsches ,especially from the USA due mainly to the advantageous climate providing rust free examples.

The first of the 4 cars we have sold so far was handed over to a Chartered Surveyor from Maidenhead who had enquired about a TR6 for sale but could not believe his luck when he saw a stunning 68 912 SWB in our showroom for under half his price expectation for a similar vintage 911.

After a short test drive he was delighted with the performance and balanced handling of the 912 and purchased it on the spot!

We will update his and others progress in the future with this delightful underrated model.


Triumph Crazy

Within in a period  of 3 days BSC have acquired 3 triumphs.

A beautiful Tahiti blue Stag.

Classic Brg tr4a.

And an extremely rare white Dolomite sprint.

Nick explains;

It has been clear that the Triumph range is extremely popular with Uk purchasers and we will endeavour to keep replenishing sold units with the brand as efficiently as possible.

They offer great value at present and each model is very entertaining and was a class leader in its day.

Watch this space for more stock!

Busy July!

We have enjoyed a busy month selling many sports and classic cars, no doubt the beautiful stable weather assisted this activity!

There are many events still to enjoy this summer with The Silverstone Classic this weekend,variety of car shows and of course The Goodwood Revival in September.

so lets all enjoy our special cars whilst we can in these lovely conditions.

Please remember that we are always looking to purchase cars and will/do travel anywhere for the best stock.

So if you are ready for a change or need the funds please call us for an efficient easy transaction.

Italian beauties

We currently have in stock an Eclectic mix of Italian beauties !

From the  cutest iconic car in the world the  1972 Fiat 500 to the high tech 2011 Ferrari California.

Full list;

Fiat 500

Fiat 600

Ferrari 360 x2

Ferrari California

Maserati Gran Turismo

We will be adding to this list shortly and hopefully this will include one of our favourites the Alfa Spider

The Porsche Strategy

BSC have embarked on a business strategy to purchase pre 1973 Porsches.

We have already secured 5 top class cars from USA, Europe and the island of Jersey. These cars are beginning to be difficult to locate and purchase in a condition acceptable to us and our long standing customer base. We are striving to supply rust free examples offering the best value for money considering their condition.

Having looked at what is currently available for sale in the UK it is clear that hot climate countries are a good source for locating these cars as they do not suffer the harsh winters and salted roads of the UK.

USA spec cars for example have an easier life with great climate advantage, low driving speeds and enthusiastic owners who service them well.

The spec of pre 1973 Porsches is virtually identical to UK specs of that era and only require headlamp and sometimes seatbelts in order to be UK compliant.

Watch the website for more choice as we plan to stock up to 12 of these highly desirable cars with service and support from CCPS.

Website videos

We will shortly be producing short videos of our stock and also helpful advice in conjunction with CCPS ref service and maintenance.

There will be links to facebook/twitter and general social media involvement.

Watch the website for more details.

Classic car prices continue to rise

Classic car prices continue to rise and World records are being achieved at UK Auctions.

A Fiat 500 fetched £21000 recently and a  virtually scrap “barnfind” Ferrari Dino £132000 with estimated cost of restoration way over £100K.

Porsche prices are still on the up and a restored 1973 100,000 mile 911S  Targa sold recently at £105000.

We are seeing the best cars available fetching strong money because the investment buyer does not want ongoing restoration costs and just a competitive return on his investment.

We at BSC are trying to be as price competitive as possible but also offer the buyer a complete Aftercare service that is unavailable if you purchase from Auction or privately.

This service is invaluable to support you and our product and more importantly to stay in communication and enjoy a long term relationship.