Following on from the highly successful and stunningly good looking Tr4 the fuel-injected Tr5 was only in production for 13 months before the mass-produced Tr6 replaced it.

The fuel injection could not pass the strict USA emission regulations so the TR250 was produced specifically for this market and was effectively a TR5 without the Lucas injection.
Total Tr5 cars built were around 3000 and around 8000 TR250s so they have become highly sought after and rare collector’s items during the past few years as the existing number of surviving cars are now very low.
This lovely Royal blue example was delivered to the USA  in 1968 and repatriated a couple of years ago by a serial Triumph restorer who then set about creating a fast road spec car.
This entailed a complete nut and bolt Resto including:
  • Rebuilt and upgraded engine with stage 2 head, triple Weber’s, fast road cam
  • Paint  coated chassis
  • Rebuilt gearbox inc overdrive
  • 3.45;1 differential
  • Complete new suspension fully poly bushed
  • Upgraded CV style driveshafts
  • Upgraded brake discs
  • Surrey hard and soft tops
  • Led lamps
  • Stainless sports exhaust
  • Distributor doctor ignition
  • Etc.
The standard of workmanship is extremely high and we have been lucky enough to sell restored TRs from this restorer before.
These cars are great drivers cars with nearly 160 bhp and 900 kgs they are quick and the overdrive really provides flexible and comfortable cruising speeds, enabling long trips to be covered with ease.
On the road, this one is a very strong driver, very well set up with a great soundtrack from the exhaust, Webers and abundant power from the engine.
Supplied fully inspected, serviced with 12 months warranty.